Ukr. geogr. z. 2015, N4:16-23
L.S. Rybchenko - Ukrainian hidrometeorological Institute, Kyiv;
S.V. Savchuk - Ukrainian hidrometeorological Institute, Kyiv.
The purpose of this publication - assessment of Ukraine’s territory solar energy potential with prospects of solar energy sector development. In today’s conditions when Ukraine’s energy independence issue becomes especially urgent, development of the solar energy sector is a promising direction of natural renewable energy sources potential use. Special indicators of solar energy climatic resources for the period 1961-1990 are presented in relevant charts along with their value at individual observation stations. Contribution direct solar radiation as part of the total radiation for the warm season (April - September) has been defined. Due to changes in radiation characteristics some specialized indicators for 1991-2014 are presented. Based on solar radiation monitoring, discovered at the beginning of XXI century increase in the radiation components, which determine the feasibility of solar energy resources use, is the basis for solar power development on the most part of the country.
Key words: 
solar energy resources, specialized indicators of solar energy resources, direct and total solar radiation, duration of sunshine

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