Ukr. geogr. z. 2012, N3:42-50
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Nguyen Khanh Van – Institute of Geography, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.


Bioclimatology is to study the effects of weather, climate conditions on the living entities in the ecosystems, in different natural geographical conditions, those are vegetation, animal communities, microorganism and especially human being. In the last decade of the 20th century and early of the 21st century, when the natural resources, environment issues are increasingly urgent, and it is the survival for not only a state. Application of researches of geographical, among which the study of Bioclimatology in general evaluation, evaluation of the ecological adaptability of natural landscape for the purpose of socio- economical development, proposal of reasonable measures to use the natural resources, territory organization, environment protection are becoming necessity. At present, Bioclimatology study will not stay at the basic study (determination of the role of climate on biological components of ecosystem, and the components forming the landscape) but also to evaluate the ecological adaptation to of the bioclimatology conditions on a group of organisms, on different territories, concretize this evaluation on the map at a certain ratios. In this manner, the results of bioclimatology at the Institute of Geography has become a direction of research for adaptation, practically serving for one of the main targets of the Institute – establish the geographical foundation of the planning for economics-social developments, organizing the territory organization in different areas of the whole country. With the trend of ecologializing the geographical studies, this articles will present some major directions of bioclimatology studies, that have been implemented very successful at the Institute of Geography, The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, they are bioclimatology of vegetation types, bioclimatology of human being, as well as the results of study of bioclimatology that are applied in the modern geography.

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bioclimatic conditions, bioclimatic criterion, medical weather therapies