Ukr. geogr. z. 2013, N1:35-39
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A. Al-Hamarneh – Center for Research on the Arab World, Institute of Geography, University of Mainz, Germany;
J. Margraff – Center for Research on the Arab World, Institute of Geography, University of Mainz, Germany;
O. Dronova – Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, Ukraine.


According to neoliberal theory, which became the dominant political and economocal practices of modern society, the human well-being can best be advanced by individual entrepreneurial freedoms within the institutional framework created by state for provision strong private property rights and free markets. Occurrence of neoliberal globalization is reflected in all spheres of human activity. Urban development and planning require particular attention under these conditions, including such effects as socio-spatial polarization and cities spatial identity erasing. A lot of researches of critical human geographers, economists, sociologists have dealt with neoliberal urban policy issues, the main provisions are outlined in the previous article (UGM # 4 - 2012). This publication is devoted to the case studies of Kyiv and Dubai which demonstrate various aspects of city planning and development in neoliberal globalized world.

Key words: 
urbanization, globalization, neoliberalism, city planning, Dubai, Kyiv

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