Ukr. geogr. z. 2013, N1:53-59
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M. Kasimov – Moscow M. Lomonosov State University;
V. Tikunov – Moscow M. Lomonosov State University;
T. Kotova – Moscow M. Lomonosov State University.


State of the environment and ecological issues in Russia are reflected in numerous atlases varying by designation, spatial coverage, conceptual basis, specialization and thematic range, completeness, presentation formats. In this publication the information has been provided about those, which most fully demonstrate the achievements in Russian atlas based environmental mapping, reflect its present state and allow to determine its future development prospects. They are presented in the order of spatial coverage, completeness and level of expertise. Particularly Russia’s position in global and nationwide environmental mapping is presented both in general and specialized (by sectors) contents. Significant attention was devoted to regional and local levels of environmental mapping. The main directions of further research in abovementioned areas have been defined.

Key words: 
atlases, atlas based mapping, environmental mapping, environmental atlases, Russian Federation

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