Ukr. geogr. z. 2013, N1:60-67
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T. Nefedova – Institute of Geography Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.


The paper reveals new approaches to a multiscale farmland mapping in atlases considering not only its technical and economic features, but also the external activity conditions. The main content of the maps, which include the analysis of new trends in agricultural industry and its diverse forms, have been presented. Natural and socio-economic prerequisites of the agricultural activity in Russia have been reviewed with particular attention drawn to significant differences in agricultural territory development and changes in the land resources use structure. A new approach to agricultural land zoning has been proposed and its new types have been highlighted. The main conclusions arising from cumulative effect of a comprehensive atlas mapping have been substantiated. Examples of some maps have been presented.

Key words: 
cartography, atlases, atlas mapping, agriculture, agricultural zoning, Russian Federation

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