Ukr. geogr. z. 2014, N3:19-24
Language of publication: 

V. Palienko – Institute of Geography of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, Kiev.


The priority problems in the regional features of human geomorphogenesis study within the territory of Ukraine have been analyzed. Natural, anthropogenic and combined natural-anthropogenic geomorphological processes which have a positive or negative impact on the human activity environment have been structured. The formation process content of the natural- anthropogenic geomorphosystems with different degrees of the natural terrain change has been demonstrated. Different types of anthropogenic-geomorphological systems according to their sustainability to anthropogenic impacts have been highlighted. The directions and task of the spatial organization and functioning of the natural-anthropogenic geomorphosystems study, which, in particular, is important to anticipate and prevent the development of dangerous processes have been founded.

Key words: 
anthropogenic geomorphogenesis, natural-anthropogenic geomorphosystems, sustainability, mechanisms, functioning modes

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