Ukr. geogr. z. 2015, N1:42-49
Language of publication: 

A. Marushchinets – Institute of Geography of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, Kyiv.


The article discusses the sectorial and territorial transformation of the agricultural sector in the Kyiv region Dnieper river basin which occurred within 1990-2012 years. Periods of the agrarian sector development in the region have been characterized and highlighted. The changes in the gross agricultural production at the regional level and at the level of administrative districts have been analyzed. The transformation of cultivated areas have been demonstrated, balance changes between crops and livestock have been reviewed. The essence and the reasons for the change in agriculture within Kyiv region Dnieper river basin have been revealed. The peculiarities of the territorial changes in the agriculture have been analyzed. The characteristic of the crop and livestock production transformation processes has been given.

Key words: 
agriculture, crop production, livestock, transformation processes, Kyiv region, Dnieper river basin

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