Ukr. geogr. z. 2015, N3:03-08
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V.P. Palienko - Institute of Geography of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, Kyiv.


The main problems of the substantiation of localization of the natural-anthropogenic geomorphosystems, their standardization according to the differences in the proportions of the dominating relief-forming features and processes, differentiations in the regimes and conditions of the present-day geomorphogenesis have been discussed in the publication. The regimes and conditions of natural processes manifestation and the principal types of relief-forming and transforming anthropogenic activities have been determined for the Ukraine’s territory, which is characterized by the wide spectrum of modern natural relief-forming processes and the high degree of the anthropogenic relief development. The principal approaches of standardization of natural-anthropogenic geomorphosystems have been determined taking into account their leading peculiarities: homogeneity of the structure, steadiness, dynamics, hierarchical pattern, ecological compatibility. The standardization of natural-anthropogenic geomorphosystems will help in substantiation of the measures for rational and safe environment development in conditions of high anthropogenic stress.

Key words: 
natural geomorphosystems, natural-anthropogenic geomorphosystems, peculiarities, functioning, assessment, geomorphosystems standardization

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