Ukr. geogr. z. 2015, N3:16-23
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L.O. Gorbachova - Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute of State Service of Emergencies of Ukraine and of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, Kyiv.


Hydrological studies of rivers almost always require to know the water flow distribution throughout the year. Basics information on intra-annual distribution of Ukraine’s rivers water flow received in the twentieth century usually used very short series of observations. Since then there has been no updates on both information and approaches to study of intra-annual rivers water flow distribution. This article has explored intra-annual distribution of Ukraine’s rivers water flow using data for the entire observation period and subject to cyclical fluctuations in water flow. Received 10 new schemes intra-annual distribution of Ukraine’s rivers water runoff, and also the timing and durations of hydrological seasons have been determined. Zoning of Ukraine’s rivers catchments based on modern types of intra-annual water runoff distribution and using GIS MapInfo has been completed.

Key words: 
intra-annual distribution of water runoff, cyclical fluctuations, the average water consumption, Hydrological zoning

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