Ukr. geogr. z. 2015, N3:50-55
Language of publication: 

P.V. Glibchuk - Institute of Geography of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, Kyiv.


The importance of mapping method to determine the stages of urban settlements formation in Ukraine has been grounded. The analysis of relevant cartographic works has been performed and the method of their use to explore settlement network transformation in Ukraine has been developed. The main stages according to this method - selection of the object and its features to be investigated, establishing the time frame within which the study of the selected object will be performed, selection of different cartographic works where the object of research is presented, analysis of cartographic works, identification of the characteristics of the selected for study object’s development and, if necessary, - construction of cartographic models. Along with importance of the general geographic maps from different time, the role of thematic maps in this process has been emphasized, as well as electronic mapping resources.

Key words: 
city, urban settlements network, cartographic work, atlas, general geographic maps

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