Ukr. geogr. z. 2015, N4:31-39

S.M. Shevchuk - V.H. Korolenko Poltava National Pedagogical University.


The purpose of publishing - to highlight the results of the quantitative and structural analysis of scientometric social geography dissertations research (more than 600), presented during 1936 - 2012. The peculiarities of academic personnel training in this field has been described. The main content of the research is devoted to quantitative analysis of the presented dissertations, assessment of their dynamics in the XX – beginning of the XXI century and highlighting certain stages. Analysis of dissertation research problems conducted on the one hand, in the context of the main areas of socio-geography, on the other - in the light of the specialty 11.00.02 “economic and social geography” passport. Study of the Ukrainian Dissertation Fund on social geography also allowed to trace two aspects of its territorial peculiarities: by the place of preparation and by regional borders of the research object. Such comprehensive study has been conducted for the first time.

Key words: 
Ukrainian social geography, scientific school, dissertation

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