Ukr. geogr. z. 2018, N2:12-16
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O.O. Kosovets - Central Geophysical Observatory named by Boris Sreznevsky, Kyiv;
P.S. Lozovitskyi - Central Geophysical Observatory named by Boris Sreznevsky, Kyiv.
The purpose of the publication is to highlight the results of the scientific, pedagogical, inventive and social activities of the outstanding scientist-geographer, meteorologist, organizer of the meteorological service of Ukraine, the first scientific adviser of the Weather Service, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Boris Izmailovich Sreznevskyi. His contribution to the study of evaporation was analyzed, which made it possible to formulate the laws of Sreznevskyi, which were used in the manufacture of hygrometers, now - in fire extinguishing, combustion of biofuels. For the first time in Europe, the scientist researched and analyzed the waves of cold and warmth, the paths of cyclones, the storm of the Black and Azov Seas, the blizzards on Russia’s railways, and the barometric determination of the altitudes of the earth’s surface. One of the founders of the Meteorological Bulletin, which published his weather reviews in Russia and the world in the years 1891-1900. He developed a theory of signs of climate drought, as well as one of the first schemes of climatic regionalization of Ukraine.
Key words: 
Sreznevskyi Boris Izmailovich, meteorology, the laws of Sreznevskyi, theory of signs of climate drought, climatological zoning of Ukraine, Weather forecasts in Russia and in the world, geophysical and meteorological devices

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