Ukr. geogr. z. 2018, N3:57-63
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Zamina Rasul Babayeva - Institute of Geography after acad. H.A.Aliyev of National academy of sciences of Azerbaijan, Baku.


The purpose of the publication is to analyze the territorial organization of the food industry and determine the prospects for the development of this industry in Azerbaijan. Industry plays an important role in development of regions and cities, processing of agricultural products, as well as employment and formation of incomes of population. In the Republic of Azerbaijan, diversified agriculture and specialization, compliant to natural conditions, contributes to providing of raw material in light- and food industries. Therefore, in the course of economic reforms, it is necessary to restore production at previously operating enterprises and create new facilities for these industries. These measures would enable improve the sectoral structure of cities and some settlements, reduce regional disparities in the level of development of economic regions, elevate the contributions of regions in the development of the country, and regulate population migration from regions, especially of the rural population. A few state programs have been adopted to develop industry in the country. As part of their implementation, some enterprises of food industry have been built. Meanwhile, implementation of other significant measures in this direction is needed, especially in the regions of the country.

Key words: 
industry, food industry, agriculture, sectoral structure, cities, region, economic reforms, processing enterprise, Azerbaijan Republic
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