Ukr. geogr. z. 2019, N3:22-36
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O.L. Dronova - Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv;
O.Yu. Kononenko - Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.


The publication purpose is to represent the results of the research of the processes of formation of resilience and adaptive mechanisms of the development of the Slavutych atomograd which is the youngest city in Ukraine. Resilience is the ability of any system to return to its functional state after unexpected effects. In this context, urban resilience implies the ability of all components of a city system to maintain or restore their own functions after unforeseen events, and the ability to adapt to changes. The threats and challenges of social and economic urban development as well as the responses to them from the Slavutych urban management system are systematized in the research. The results of the city residents survey provided an opportunity to summarize the perceptual dimension of the challenges and to determine the prospects for building the urban resilience potential. The main groups of challenges were identified: Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station closure and deficiency of direct financing; low level of economy diversification and lack of employments for highly skilled professionals; trends in population aging and changes in the social composition of the population due to the outflow of youth and highly skilled personnel; physical remoteness of the city from the Kyiv Oblast; wear of municipal infrastructure and poor housing and communal services; slow introduction of market mechanisms. The responses include measures related to effective municipal management practices, stimulation of innovation in the field of nuclear and alternative energy, energy saving, information technologies, cultural and artistic events. It confirms that urban management and planning system is quite active for the development of adaptive mechanisms of the Slavutych resilience potential, but this process is not completed. An approach to the analysis of the threats and prospects of building the urban resilience potential of a young mono-functional city with a unique genesis is innovative, especially given that a very limited amount of domestic research is devoted to the systematic consideration of urban development in terms of the concept of resilience.

Key words: 
urban resilience, atomograd, Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station, challenges and threats to urban development, survey, Slavutych

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